Loss with respectable result: Devils play 75:52 in Wetzlar

As expected, RSV Lahn-Dill turned out too strong for FCK Rolling Devils. Kaiserslautern lost in Wetzlar with the very respectable result of 75:52. Lahn-Dill dominated in all aspects, but the „Red Devils“ fought back well over the whole time of the game. The hosts won all quarters by 5 to 6 points and were in all statistics ahead of the guests by a few percent. Lahn-Dill obviously considered Kaiserslautern a serious opponent: home coach Nikolai Zeltinger let his stars Michael Paye, Steve Serio, Dirk Köhler and Thomas Böhme play for long time and seemingly let them have a close watch on Devils‘ top scorer Jake Williams. Williams was less successful in this game, but again top scorer (13 points), slightly ahead of  Capasso (12), Mark Beissert (11) and Ryan Wright (8). Kaiserslautern coach gave all Devils playing time. Wetzlar’s top scorer was Steve Serio with 19 points followed by Thomas Böhme (13), Dirk Köhler and Jan Haller (both 12).

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