FCK Rolling Devils vs. Hannover United

At the third home game (Saturday, 31. October, 2015, 6pm, Gym of Schillerschule), FCK Rolling Devils welcome the champsion of the second division (northern conference), Hannover United. In the previous four games against playoff participants of the previous season, Kaiserslautern was in the role of the underdog. Now roles are reserved: with respectable games and the home game advantage, the "Red Devils" are favorites against the so far pointless "Foxes". But Hannover mustn't be underestimated. Led by Martin Kluck and under 23 European and World champion Jan Sadler, they achieved an immediate comeback in the first division. Former Heidelberg player and under 23 European and World champion Leon Schöneberg and the Dutch international Sebatiao Nijman enforced the roster. Hannover suffered a narrow loss in their previous away game in Frankfurt and presumable want to win back these lost points somewhere else. However, FCK Rolling Devils definitely want to win this game and climb up in the current 1st division ranking.
This home game is again announced as "FCK weekend": by showing their tickets from the FCK game against Arminia Bielefeld, FCK fans can get a reduction of 1€ on the regular entrance fee and FCK fans showing up in club and fan gear can also get such a reduction.

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