73:63 - Devils with hard-fought victory over Hannover

You play only as well as the opponent allows it - after a strong performance against Lahn-Dill, Rolling Devils experienced hard times at the 73:63-win against the promoted team of Hannover United. Kaiserslautern adfter some bumpy start into the game won the first quarter with 18:14, but Hannover fought back well in the second quarter (14:20) and were leading at halftime with 32:34. Rolling Devils repeatedly missed good shots and showed a partly ineffective defense. Hannover player Leon Schöneberg took big benefit of this and was topscorer of the game with 31 points. In the third quarter, Kaiserslautern played much stronger (23:10) and stayed in front until the end of the game. Devils topscorer was again Jake Williams with 26 points, followed by Kai Möller with 20 points, who's physical presence under the baskets contributed a lot to the win, and Janic Binda with 19 points and the by far highest scoring percentage. On next saturday, Rolling Devils play in Luxemburg in the German cup, where they face Mainhatten Skywheelers 2, the hosting Lux Rollers and the belgian team Roller Bulls.

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