DRS-Pokal: FCK Rolling Devils want to enter quarter finals

On sunday, November 8, FCK Rolling Devils are playing with the group phase of the German national cup in Luxemburg. Kaiserslautern first plays against Mainhatten Skywheelers 2 with former Devil Juliana Kromberg. The Devils mustn't underestimate this 2nd division team, which has several former 1st division players like Lars Lehmann and Johannes Hengst in their roster.
Provided they win this first game, Rolling Devils would then face the winner of the game between the hosting 3rd division team of Lux Rollers and the 1st division relegated team of Roller Bulls St. Vith. Roller Bulls are clear favorites in this game and thus the most likely opponent for Kaiserslautern. Rolling Devils experienced in their last home game against the Bulls that this physically strong team with player coach Stephan veithen and top scorer Lorenzo Boterberg is really difficult to play and suffered a surprising loss. However, Kaiserslautern will travel to Luxemburg with the clear goal to enter the quarterfinals, which would mean a home game on December 12.

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