Rolling Devils end collboration with Clifford Fisher

FCK Rolling Devils have for financial reasons ended the contract with their coach Clifford Fisher. The restructured contracting has caused costs, which have a yet unexpected size und are not covered by the season budget. The club is thus forced to reduce costs in order to assure solvency and therefore ends the collaboration with Clifford Fisher. Fisher has led Rolling Devils under difficult frame conditions and with excellent coaching ended the previous season with rank 7 and also given them a good start into the current season. In view of these achievements and his great coaching abilities, Rolling Devils deeply regret having to end Fisher's contract. The FCK wheelchair basketball players want to deeply thank Clifford fisher for the fruitful collaboration and wish him success and all the best also for the future. Clifford Fisher is succeeded by Taz Capasso as player coach, a job he successfully had for several years at Öttinger RSB Team Thüringen.

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