FCK vs. FC Bayern: Devils play at USC München

Away game for 1.FC Kaiserslautern at record champion FC Bayern München - it's only wheelchair basketball and Rolling Devils only face the cooperation partner of "Super Bayern", but this pairing simply sounds good! USC München, German record champion in wheelchair basketball, has used two second division years for a restructuring and is now back in the first division. Officially München just wants to stay in the first division, but an impressive start with 8:2 points and a single loss against RSV Lahn-Dill are telling about their strength. Kim Robins, Australian international and former first division player for Dolphins Trier, led München to the second division championship without a defeat again the strong opponents. Back into the first division, German international Sebastian Magenheim rejoined his former club. Hence, Rolling Devils are facing a difficult away game against a strong and successfully started team and Taz Capasso in his first game as Kaiserslautern player coach has to work on a difficult task.

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