Devils win away game in Munich with 53:66

FCK Rolling Devils have won their first away game of the season with 53:66 against USC München. After an even first quarter (11:14), Kaiserslautern increased the pressure in the second quarter (12:18) and led with 23:32 at half time. The Devils could in this phase in particular rely on a strong Kai Möller, who scored impressive 18 points till then. After an again even third quarter (17:17), the Devils won the final quarter (13:17) and the whole game savely with 53:66. Key factors for the win were a clear superiority in mid-distance shots with 28 points and a rate of 50% (in comparison: Munich with 16 points and 27%) and good free shots with 8 out of 12 (Munich with 3 out of 7). Outstanding player of the whole game was Kai Möller with 20 points, a rate of 53% and 10 defense rebounds. Janic Binda scored 18 points with an impressive rate of 77% and Jake Williams also contributed with 18 points (66%) to the win. Taz Capasso in his debut game as Kaiserslautern player coach scored 10 points. Devils newcomer Ryan Wright got the opportunity to play 30 minutes and like the as always strong playing German international Matthias Heimbach showed a good performance. Top scorer for USC München was Kim Robins with 20 points (52%), followed by Suad Sutic with 12 points (75%).

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