Regional derby: Rolling Devils welcome Mainhatten Skywheelers

It is derby time in the southwest, Kaiserslautern plays Frankfurt (Gym of Schillerschule Kaiserslautern, November 12, 2015, 6pm)! While FCK Rolling Devils are ranked sixth with 6:6 points, Mainhatten skywheelers after a rather weak season start are ranked only second last with 2:10 points. However, Frankfurt with the former Devils Sebastian Spitznagel, Paul Nikolaus and Markus Gmeinwieser mustn't be underestimated at all. The first division roster around play coach Spitznagel, German international Marina Mohnen and the Diedrich twins together with the standby players Johannes Hengst, Lars Lehmann, Sebastian Wolk and Abdul Gazi Karaman combines physical strength, great playing skills and enormous experience. Hence, Mainhatten Skywheelers are much better than their rank and also feel a descent pressure for success in order to leave the relegation ranks pretty fast. FCK Rolling devils again have to play on their absolute limit, if they want to keep the points in Kaiserslautern.This game in combination with the FCK soccer game against FSV Frankfurt is announced as another "FCK weekend" with reduced entrance fee for FCK supporters.

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