Devils lose close game against Frankfurt with 64:70

FCK Rolling Devils have suffered a surprising 64:70 defeat in the derby game against Mainhatten Skywheelers. Frankfurt decided the thrilling game with close course in the final minutes against a home team, which never really got into the game and wasted too many chances. Rolling Devils were behind for long time in the first two quarters (17:18 and 18:17) and managed to equalize shortly before halftime. The Devils showed good scoring only from close distance, but missed many mid distance and three point shots. Kaiserslautern stayed in the game with a lot of points from free shots caused by the many Frankfurt fouls. In the second half, also Jake Williams found into the game, but Kaiserslautern did not show a convincing game also in the third quarter (19:16). The last 7 minutes of the game brought the decision: with a 61:57 lead, Kaiserslautern missed a whole series of mid distance shots, while Skywheelers led by former national player Lars Lehmann showed a 10:0 run. Frankfurt retained this lead till the end oft he game and achieved an important win. Dominating players on the field were Frankfurt players Sven (28 points) and Tim Dietrich (22). Mark Beissert (16), Jake Williams (15), Kai Möller (12), Taz Capasso (11) and Janic Binda (10) scored for Kaiserslautern, but these points did not suffice for a win in view of a low 43% score rate of the whole team.

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