FCK Rolling Devils play RBC Köln 99ers

On saturday, November 28 (6pm), Rolling Devils in their next home game (Gym of Schillerschule) play Köln 99ers. This pairing was an incredible game in the previous season! The Devils showed a thrilling performance in a burning "Hell of Kaiserslautern", declassed Köln and were celebrated by their fans with fireworks for staying in the Bundesliga. This game is less explosive, but nevertheless important. Rolling Devils want to win again after the surprising loss against Frankfurt and Köln is fighting against relegation and desparately need a win. Their poor ranking has natural reasons: outstanding players Marina Mohnen, Paul Toes and Edwin Schalkx have left the team. New strong players have joined the club, but, a rebuild of the team takes some time. However, Rolling Devils in the pevious game experienced, that an endangered opponent under the pressure to succeed is even more dangerous. Kaiserslautern must pay attention in particular to Köln's new star players Luke Pople und Jaime Mazzi. Furthermore, the defensive has to gain stability and the hit rate in the offense must improve. All these aspects will guarantee an interesting exciting game!

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