80:62 win in home game against Köln

FCK Rolling Devils have won their home game against against RBC Köln 99ers safely with 80:62 in front of a poor crowd of only 80 spectators. An outstanding Kai Möller was match winner for Kaiserslautern with 14 Points out of the game and another 11 points out of 15 free shots. Jake Williams showed a stronger performance than in the previous home game and scored 21 points. Janic Binda impressed with an 80% scoring and 16 points and Mark Beissert contributed 12 points to the victory. After an even first quarter (20:21), Kaiserslautern pushed through in the second quarter with 19:6 points, which gave a safe 39:27 lead at halftime. In this phase, Devils took major benefit from the many fouls by Köln and the resulting free shots. After an again even third quarter (19:21), Rolling Devils against a resigning guest team played 21:12 in the final quarter, which gave a clear 80:62 victory. However, Kaiserslautern granted Köln 19 turnovers leading to many easy points, which prevented a higher win. Most successful players for Köln 99ers were the two newcomers Luke Pople with 25 points and Jaimi Mazzi (20 points), followed by Ramo Rekanovic (13 points). Rolling Devils after the losses of other competing teams now have a stable midfield rank. The next game features the Rhineland-Palatinate derby against Doneck Dolphins Trier.

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