Derby time against Doneck Dolphins Trier

At the end of the first half season, Rolling Devils play an away game at Doneck Dolphins Trier. The Dolphins' roster have changef a lot compared with the previous season. Only Germany's star player Dirk Passiwan and Diana Dazite remain from the starting five of previous season. Play coach Passiwan had to hired several new players, among them Dutch national player Mattijs Bellers. However, this new team found together very quickly and performed well in the previous games. Trier won five games, suffered two narrow losses against the top teams RSV Lahn-Dill and BG Baskets Hamburg and only one clear loss against the strong Thuringia Bulls. Dolphins are currently ranked forth with good chances for another playoff participation. Rolling Devils thus find themselves in the role of the underdog, but nevertheless believe in their chance for a surprising win in Trier. However, this would require an excellent defense against the strong shooters from Trier and in particular their incredibly strong playing captain Dirk Passiwan (297 points out of 8 games).

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