76:61 loss for Rolling devils in derby in Trier

FCK Rolling Devils have lost their derby at Trier against Doneck Dolphins with 76:61. Kaiserslautern played a good game and gave Trier a tough fight, but in the end could not prevent the deserved win for Trier. Different from last year's game in Trier, which was decided before half time, Devils this time faced Doneck Dolphins at eye level. The first two quarter were pretty even (16:13 and 14:13) and the 30:26 score at haltime gave the FCK supporters hope for the first win against Trier. The Devils were in particular able to control super star Dirk Passiwan reasonably well, who scored nontheless strong 31 point staying below his average score. However, Kaiserslautern could not establish firm grip on Matthijs Bellers. The tall dutch national player scored 28 points, mostly with short-distance shots. Jake Williams after a so-so start played a very strong game with 26 points and several 3-point shots. And play coach with 18 points, two 3-point shots and a good scoring once again demonstrated his extra class. Mayn points by Bellers and Passiwan in the third quarter (23:13) decided the game in favor of the Dolphins. The Devils returned strong and played another even quarter (23:22), but in the third game against Trier again missed their first win.
After the first halfseason, FCK Rolling Devils are ranked 6 with 8:10 points, 2 points behind the playoff ranks, but also 6 points ahead of the relegation zone. This a more constant performance, Kaiserslautern could have won more games. However, Rolling Devils more and more demonstrate the great playing skills of their roster, which gives hope for a good second halfseason. On next weekend (Saturday 6pm, Turnhalle of Schillerschule Kaiserslautern), Rolling Devils are playing RSB Thuringia Bulls in the quarter final of DRS-Pokal.

FCK Rolling Devils: Jake Williams (26), Taz Capasso (18), Mark Beissert (10), Janic Binda (8), Kai Möller (2), Matthias Heimbach (0), Ryan Wright (0) and Robin Rittersbacher (d.n.p.).

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