DRS-Pokal: Rolling Devils vs. Thuringia Bulls

It is cup time! On Saturday, December 12 at 6pm, FCK Rolling Devils play their quarter final of DRS-Pokal at Turnhalle of Schillerschule. The opponent is the cup finalist from previous season and yet undefeated Bundesliga leader RSB Thuringia Bulls from Elxleben. Thuringia Bulls have played at Kaiserslautern in the first season game and won safely with 57:92. One week ago, the Bulls defeated the reigning champion RSV Lahn-Dill with 69:61 taking the sole lead in Bundesliga.

Rolling Devils are facing an international team with first class players and several excellent scorers. German national players Aliaksandr Halouski, currently the second-best Bundesliga scorer (225 Punkte), and Andre Bienek (rank 16 of the scorer table) and Jens Albrecht play for Thuringia Bulls as well as Joakim Linden from Sweden (rank 20), Raimunds Beginskis from Latvia, Teemu Partanen from Finland and Nerijs Venckus from Lithuania.

Another reason for the clear home defeat in Bundesliga besides Thuringia Bulls‘ high individual class and good scoring was the lack of match routine of Rolling Devils. However, Bulls coach Josef Jaglowski praised the playing abilities of Kaiserslautern Devils and their good performance in the first half season has proven him right. This positive development gives some hope for a closer game than two months ago. And provided a more consequent scoring and more stable defense by Rolling Devils, the game might demonstrate again, that the cup has its own special flavor.

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