FCK Rolling Devils lose cup quarter final 65:97

FCK Rolling Devils in the fourth attempt and third one in a row have missed on participation on the Final Four of DRS-Pokal. The finalist of previous season, RSB Thuringia Bulls, turned out too strong for Kaiserslautern, who lost 65:97. The Bulls are the only team in the 1st and 2nd division, that has won all games in the current season so far. Rolling Devils thus could play the game as clear underdog and seek their small chance for a sensation without any pressure. And indeed, Kaiserslautern managed to keep the game completely open in the first quarter (20:22) and up to the mid of the second quarter (35:37). Then Thuringia Bulls after some changes with a 10:0-run got into the lead with 35:47 at half time. However, Rolling Devils again shortened this lead to merely 8 points up to the mid of the third quarter and the sensation still seemed possible. However, then Bulls star players André Bienek, Aliaksandr Halouski and Joakim Linden then demonstrated their extra class, scored successfully leading to a 48:69 at the end of the third quarter. The Bulls also won the final quarter clearly (16:29), however, the final score of 65:97 somehow hid the strong performance of Rolling Devils. Next weekend, the second half season startes with an away game for Kaiserslautern in Elxleben – another time against RSB Thuringia Bulls.

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