Disastrous 101:38 for Rolling Devils in Elxleben

FCK Rolling Devils have suffered a historic defeat in the away game at RSB Thuringia Bulls. The 101:38 was the highest loss for Kaiserslautern in their history and for the first time got more than 100 points. It was clear in advance, that the away game in Elxleben would be the most difficult game of the whole season. Thuringia Bulls at the 57:92 in Bundesliga and the 65:97 in DRS-Pokal scored more points against Kaiserslautern than any other team.
However, the game took a surprisingly one-sided course: 22:8 in the first quarter, 27:10 in the second quarter with a 49:18 score at halftime for Thuringia Bulls, 28:9 in the third and 24:11 in the fourth quarter with a final score of 101:38. Main reason besides the strong Bulls‘ play was a weak performance by Kaiserslautern. Only Janic Binda with 12 points and good 66% showed normal strength and also Jake Williams scored 18 points with comparably low 36%. Rolling Devils played well directly under the basket (14 successful short-distance shots out of 28) and in free shots (5 out of 7). However, there was only one successful mid-distance shot by Jake Williams and a very nice three-point shot by Ryan Wright.
Merely 38 points and a lousy score rate of 27% was by far not enough to endanger the strong home team. Halouski contributed with 33 points, Linden with 16, Albrecht with 16 and Partanen with 15 to the 101 points and the good score rate of 63%.
After a short winter and Christmas break of three weeks, Rolling Devils resume with a home game against BSC Rollers Zwickau on Saturday, January 9.

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