Away game in Hamburg: Rolling Devils play BG Baskets

FCK Rolling Devils next play their farthest away game of the season at BG Baskets Hamburg. The wheelchair basketball players of famous soccer club Hamburger SV had a bad season start, but have improved a lot since then. After surprising losses against USC München at home and in Kaiserslautern (67:60), the Baskets won against all other teams except the top seeds Lahn-Dill and Thuringia Bulls. The playoff participant of previous season is currently ranked 4th with 14:8 points and again heading for the playoffs. Furthermore, Hamburg has also qualified for the final four of DRS-Pokal. This rise is closely related to the return of the Japanese national players Reo Fujimoto and Hiroaki Kozai. In their home game against Baskets Hamburg, FCK Rolling Devils took major benefit from their absence and also several Hamburg players' sicknesses. In the upcoming away game, Kaiserslautern will have to face all top players of Baskets Hamburg, namely Gesche Schünemann, Mustafa Korkmaz and former Devil Philipp Häfeli as well as the Japanese star players. Rolling Devils are thus facing a really difficult task, for which, however, the performance in the narrow loss against Zwickau gives some hope. It is this away game and the upcoming home game against RSV Lahn-Dill (Saturday, January 23, 6pm, gym of Schillerschule) and then FCK Rolling Devils will have completed the tough start into the second half season with all playoff participants of previous season.

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