FCK Rolling Devils welcome RSV Lahn-Dill

Roles are clearly defined in the next home game of FCK Rolling Devils (Saturday, January 23, 6pm, gym of Schillerschule Kaiserslautern). Kaiserslautern, which currently hold a midfield ranking with 10:14 points and were already eliminated in DRS-Pokal, play RSV Lahn-Dill, which are again heading for the championship with rank 2 and 22:2 points and participate on the final phase of DRS-Pokal. Kaiserslautern takes big pride in three Devils, Matthias Heimbach, Kai Möller and Jake Williams, who have made it into the preliminary roster for the Paralympics 2016. In contrast, it is business as usual for Lahn-Dill, that three stars of the US and the British national team, namely Michael Paye, Steve Serio und Joe Bestwick play in Wetzlar and the other players form the majority in the roster of the German national team. Old hands like Dirk Köhler represent a glorious past and present of german wheelchair basketball, whereas rising stars like Thomas Böhme and Ex-Devil Nico Dreimüller represent its future.
What can the average first division team FCK Rolling Devils expect from the pairing against a team, that is the best in Germany and one of the top teams in the world? Well, just a hell of game, which the Devils can play without any pressure and as a competition with the best players in their sports discipline! And the spectators will see a interesting confrontation of Kaiserslautern's fighting spirit and fast playing style with Lahn-Dill's exceptional basketball qualities. All three games of the past against RSV Lahn-Dill were lost, however, the Rolling Devils performed well in all games and achieved good results. Kaiserslautern also enters this match with the clear goal of a strong game and acceptable result.

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