Rolling Devils lose against Lahn-Dill 57:93

FCK Rolling Devils have suffered an expected 57:93-loss against Germany’s top team RSV Lahn-Dill.

The guests from Wetzlar pre-decided the game directly in the first quarter (8:24). Old hand Dirk Köhler kept Lahn-Dill’s basket safe with 8 of his 12 defensive rebounds, US star player Michael Paye organized the offense with 5 of his 12 assists and his national team mate Steve Serio scored 10 points for Wetzlar. Serio became top scorer of the game with 30 points altogether, followed by Michael Paye (20 points), German international Thomas Böhme (16) and the British star player Joe Bestwick (15). Kaiserslautern managed to get better into the game in the second (16:24) and third quarter (18:29), but were not able to really slow down Lahn-Dill‘s offense. Lahn-Dill took major benefit of their physical strength in order to score heavily under Kaiserslautern’s basket, but also demonstrated their excellent shooting skills. After 30 minutes, the game was decided in view of the 42:77 score and both teams played a relaxed final quarter (15:16). FCK talent Robin Rittersbacher scored the last points shortly before the end of the game.

Outstanding player for FCK Rolling Devils was Ryan Wright, who played his best game in the red Devils jersey. The young Kaiserslautern midpointer scored impressive 16 points with a success rate of 60% and scored 4 out of 6 successful 3-point shots. Wright was followed by Kai Möller (14 points), who achieved important 7 defensive rebounds, and Janic Binda (10 points) with the best scoring rate of 71%. The Devils had a solid scoring from short distance, but a rather weak performance from mid distance and, in spite of Ryan Wright’s strong performance, also with 3-point shots.

With the game against RSV Lahn-Dill, Kaiserslautern has finished their tough schedule with games against top teams. The Devils now want to win heavily in the upcoming games against worse ranked teams, preferably again with a strong playing Ryan Wright.

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