Devils on "fox hunt" in Hannover

The upcoming game at Hannover United means reversed roles for FCK Rolling Devils. The Devils could play the previous five games against the playoff candidates as underdogs without real pressure. Against Hannover United, Kaiserslautern now find themselves in the role of the favorite. However, the pairing of 7th against 10th appears more clear than it actually is. Hannover played a strong game in Kaiserslautern, lost by only 10 points difference (73:63) and Leon Schöneberg was topscorer with 31 points. Since then, the "foxes" have shown several times, that they mustn't be underestimated. Hannover United lost their games in Frankfurt (58:57) and against Köln (67:74) narrowly after clear leads. The foxes also played well in Zwickau and achieved a respectable result there (63:51). In their previous home game, Hannover United eventually achieved the first win: they took revenge for the narrow loss in Frankfurt and defeated the Mainhatten Skywheelers with 67:46. The Devils must thus approach this away game with full concentration. A more stable defense compared with the home game against the foxes and more consequent scoring than in the previous games is the obvious road to success. Although Hannover has recently started the hunt for points in order to stay in Bundesliga - the Devils want to go for fox hunt and return to Kaiserslautern with the trophy of two points.

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