Devils hunt down foxes - 63:91 in Hannover

The exorcism announced by Hannover United was cancelled. In contrast, the fox hunt of FCK Rolling Devils was successful, who achieved a convincing 63:91 win.
Kaiserslautern had to play without the sick German international Matthias Heimbach, which also reduced the feasible lineups. But this couldn't step the Devils on their mission to return from this away game with two more points. Kaiserslautern won the first three quarters with 15:22, 16:27 and 16:26. They slowed down in the final quarter, which gave Hannover for short time the opportunity to play an even game (16:18).
The Devils defended very well, such that Leon Schöneberg, top scorer of the first encounter in Kaiserslautern with 31 points, scored only 9 points. Although his teammates Martin Kluck (18) and San Sadler (15) scored well, this was in view of low scoring rate of only 36% by far not enough for a win. The sucessful 11 out of 17 free shots could improve the result only a bit.
The Rolling Devils defended very well in this game with impressive 40 defensive rebounds altogether, amazing 16 by a strong Kai Möller, 8 by Jake Williams and another 5 by Mark Beissert. Kaiserslautern also played a good offense with 60% scored shots, about three quarters of successful near distance and free shots. Jake Williams celebrated a successful comeback with 30 points, followed by a similarly strong player coach Taz Capasso (24) and Kai Möller (16).
In the ranking, the Devils now have an uncatchable 10 points distance to Hannover United and Köln 99ers (both 2:22) in the relegation zone. Kaiserslautern has thus achieved relegation to the second division. In the next game on Feburary 6, FCK Rolling Devils play USC München.

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