FCK Rolling Devils play USC München

In the second-last home game of the season, FCK Rolling Devils welcome German record champion USC München. The game takes place on Saturday, February 6, at 6pm in the gym of Schillerschule (Julius-Küchler-Straße 5, Kaiserslautern).
After their comeback in the Bundesliga in 2015, Munich started the season with excellent results. They won at home against Zwickau and in Hamburg, Hannover and Frankfurt. Only the game against Lahn-Dill ended with a high, but expected loss. Different from their official season goal, which is avoiding the relegation, some people already considered München as a strong playoff candidate.
However, the sixth game turned the tides: USC München lost their home game against Rolling Devils with 53:66 and gradually dropped down to a midfield ranking. Since then, München plays games with expectable results, but keeps a safe distance to the relegation zone.
However, München has several times provien the strength of their roster. Coach Sinclair Thomas can rely on strong national players such as Sebastian Magenheim, Kim Robins, Suad Sutic and Kaspers Turks. FCK Rolling Devils will have to make the best out of their own skills and push through their fast playing style in order to keep the two important points at home.
The nice pairing of Kaiserslautern against Munich features a special offer to FCK soccer fans. Spectators of the Friday soccer game against Union Berlin can get a reduction on the regular entry fee but just showing their ticket from Fritz-Walter-Stadion.

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