70:72 loss against Munich in the last second

Ouch, this hurt badly! In the last second of the game, Suad Sutic scored the decisive point for a 70:72 win of USC München. The incredibly loud Kaiserslautern supporters crowd fell silent and the players looked deeply disappointed, whereas the guest players celebrated the narrow win.

One could early guess a close outcome of this game, which showed tough fighting and many errors of two equally strong teams. The Rolling Devils again had ot play without the sick Matthias Heimbach and also Kai Möller und Taz Capasso weren't really match-fit. The Devils thus had difficulties with getting into the game and controling the guest team in the first quarter (14:15). The inconsequent Kaiserslautern defense gave USC München many opportunities for simple shots and the offense missed two many easy points. Only Janic Binda (12 points, 62%) and Mark Beissert (10 points, 55%) scored reasonably, but could not really improve their team's low scoring rate of only 43%. On the other side, Sebastian Magenheim achieved a triple double with 27 points, 16 defensive rebounds and 10 assists and together with Suad Sutic's 26 points contributed a lot to the win for the guest team.

Kaiserslautern won the second quarter with 24:16 and entered half-time with a 38:31 lead. However, the Devils's play got worse again in the third quarter and after a whole sequence of missed shots, the lead was gone and didn't come back for the remainder of the game. With a bit more than 2 minutes to play and 7 points behind, the game seemed to be already decided. But Kaiserslautern came back also with some sucessful shots by topscorer Jake Williams (double double with 20 points and 10 assists) and managed to equalize 13 seconds before the end of the game. But this short remaining time turned out just a bit too long in the end ...

The Devils are still ranked 7th with 12:18 points, but with only 3 more games to play and 4 to 6 points less than the better ranked teams have only theoretical chances for the playoffs.

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