Derby with open outcome: Kaiserslautern plays in Frankfurt

On February 13 at 10am, FCK Rolling Devils play in the southwest derby at Mainhatten Skywheelers Frankfurt. This pairing takes place under similar circumstances than the first game in November. Kaiserslautern plays good games and holds a safe 7th rank in Bundesliga, but Frankfurt is still in danger of being relegated. The roster of FCK Rolling Devils is considered stronger than Frankfurt's team. And Kaiserslautern will enter this game with good fighting spirit and the clear goal of a win. However, they should take the first game against Frankfurt as a warning, which ended with frustrating 64:70 loss. In this game, the Devils in spite of an unsteady performance had a safe lead were on the way towards victory. But a sequence of several missed shots gave Frankfurt the opportunity for a 10:0 run in the last quarter and a surprising win in that away game. Will the Devils be able to take revenge for this los? Or will the Skywheelers with another win get out of the danger of relegation? We will see.

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