FCK Rolling Devils crush Mainhatten Skywheelers with 49:97

FCK Rolling Devils have narrowly missed their first 100-points win in 5 years of 1st and 2nd division. Kaiserslautern crushed the Mainhatten Skywheelers in Frankfurt with 49:97.

This game was not a repetition of the home game in Kaiserslautern, but much more a copy of the away game from previous season. 20 loud FCK supporters turned the game in Frankfurt into a home game. And the Devils showed right from the beginning who was the boss on the field. One successful shot followed the other one and a strong defense blocked Frankfurt’s game almost completely. At half-time, the Devils had already predecided the game with a clear 23:54 lead. In the second half, Kaiserslautern slowed down a bit, but kept the game against overstrained Skywheelers always under control. Play coach Taz Capasso also gave Robin Rittersbacher another opportunity to play and the young Devils talent scored 5 points within 5 minutes.

Topscorer for the Rolling Devils was Mark Beissert with 29 points and 11 successful out of 15 shots and 2 out of 3 3-point-shots. But also Kai Möller scored strong 27 points and Jake Williams scored 21 points and missed only two shots. The only well performing player in an indisposed Skywheelers team was former Devil Paul Nikolaus with strong 21 points. In the second half, Janic Binda and Jake Williams had to slow down because of their many fouls, which also saved Frankfurt from a 100-points-disaster.

The result of the game has not changed the RBBL ranking. FCK Rolling Devils remain on rank 7 and stay in touch with the better ranked teams. Thanks also to the defeats of Köln 99ers and Hannover United, the Mainhatten Skywheelers could defend rank 8.

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