Rolling Devils play in Cologne

The last away game of FCK Rolling Devils in this season takes place in Cologne. Kaiserslautern has safely won their home games against Köln 99ers, but lost the only away game in Cologne with 67:60. Köln 99ers are in big danger of being relegated into the 2nd division. However, the results against teams "in reach" for Cologne give some hope: Köln 99ers lost narrowly in Zwickau (73:61), won the important game against Hannover with 67:59 and play a strong game in Munich (86:80). Cologne presumably considers FCK Rolling Devils also a team "in reach" and a win against Kaiserslautern definitely possible.
In the Bundesliga ranking, Köln 99ers are in a race against Mainhatten Skywheelers, who are 2 points ahead and on the same day will seek their chance in Hamburg. The last season game features a real showdown between skywheelers and 99ers. 99ers coach Martin Otto can rely on several good scorers in his roster: there is Jaime Mazzi (classification 2.0, 15.5 points at average), former Dolphins player Tommie Gray (3.0, 12.6), Center Ramo Rekanovic (4.5, 12.2) and John McPhall (3.0, 10.9). Hence, Köln 99ers are indeed a dangerous opponent and Kaiserslautern should take this game very serious, since strong performances of the Devils like in Frankfurt were often followed by unexpected weak games.

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