Unfortunate 70:68 for FCK Rolling Devils in Cologne

Kaiserslautern continued several series in the second-last season game: the strong performance in Frankfurt was followed by a mediocre game against Köln 99ers, the Devils could again not win in Cologne, and Kaiserslautern lost the third game of this season with the game siren.

Köln 99ers showed the clear will to come ahead in their fight against relegation into the second division and started this game with a 6:0 lead. The Devils managed to equalize towards the end of the first quarter (18:18), but Köln won the second quarter with 20:16 and at half-time led with 38:34. Kaiserslautern seemed to benefit a lot from the break and turned the game within a few minutes and a 4:18 run. In particular Janic Binda scored one point after the other, had amazing 8 successful out of 10 shots and scored strong 18 points altogether. Jake Williams and Kai Möller with 19 points each also scored well as usual. Mark Beissert could not preserve his incredible play from Frankfurt and scored only 6 points with many missed shots. In the sequel, Kaiserslautern didn’t manage to keep the 10-point-lead (42:52). Jaime Mazzi played a very strong game and brought his Köln 99ers back into the game. He was also topscorer of the game with 24 points, followed by  Rekanovic (15), McPhail and Gray (both 10). The final quarter started with a score of 53:54 and took an even course. The score of 68:68 shortly before the end of the regular playing time almost suggested an over time. But the last move decided the game for Köln 99ers: an offense foul by Cologne was not punished by the unconfident referees and the following shot, which took place after the siren, hit Kaiserslautern’s basket – and was declared correct.

After this unpleasant loss against sacrificially fighting Köln 99ers, FCK Rolling Devils will definitely finish the season on rank 7.

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