Season final: FCK Rolling Devils vs. Doneck Dolphins Trier

In the last game of the Bundesliga season 2015/16 (February 27, 6pm), FCK Rolling Devils play at home  (Gym of Schillerschule) against Doneck Dolphins Trier.
Trier's roster changed a lot in previous summer, when well established players like Janet McLachnan or Tyler Saunders left. Player coach Dirk Passiwan had to build up a completely new team and obviously did a good job on this. The feared slip down to an average Bundesliga team did not happen - Trier is currently ranked 4th with 20:12 points. Even the leave of other players in the winter break for financial reasons did not make the Dolphins loose their track towards the playoff games.
FCK Rolling are thus facing a difficult task in their final season game. The first game against the Dolphins was lost with 76:61, where the Devils played on eye level with Trier except for a weak phase in the third quarter. The first win ever against the Dolphins with Bundesliga topscorer Passiwan would require an impeccable performance of player coach Taz Capasso's team. As a kind of warm-up for the Bundesliga final, the Rolling Devils 2 before play their third division home games against Lux Rollers (10am) and RSC Bad Wildungen (2pm).

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