Derby loss at season final: 67:81 against Doneck Dolphins Trier

Also in the fourth attempt, FCK Rolling Devils could not win against Doneck Dolphins Trier and instead lost with 67:81. The many spectators in Schillerschule gym saw a thrilling Rhineland-Palatinate-derby on very high level. The Devils supporters as well as the Dolphins fans contributed to an excellent atmosphere. This seemed to stimulate the Devils against the favorite from Trier, which in the first two quarters (19:19 and 17:18) played an absolutely even game. Dolphins players Diana Dazite (24 points) and Dirk Passiwan, with 31 points topscorer of the game, showed their shooting abilities from mid-distance and the physically strong Mattijs Bellers contributed another 20 points from short distance and free shots. But the Devils fought back in particular with Jake Williams and Kai Möller (21 points each), but all other Devils players also scored well. At half time, the first win of the Rolling Devils (ranked 7th) against the playoff participant Dolphins Trier (rank 3) seemed to be possible. However, Trier took benefit from a few weak minutes by Kaiserslautern in the third quarter (12:21) and retained the 10-point lead for the remainder of the game. The final quarter was again pretty even (19:23), but the Devils could not endanger the well-deserved win for Trier.
Another highlight took place before the game: the many sponsors, who attended the club's cocktail reception, handed over a new team bus to the club, which will allow for a comfortable travel of the players to Bundesliga away games. The FCK Rolling Devils would like to thank their sponsors very much for this great support!

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